[Help needed] Best way to do collision

I’m making a FPS survival game and want to add collision volumes so if the player is in a building, near a fire, looting a fridge etc. they’re affected by local and not world temperature.

My plan is to use a custom box collision component with variables but for things with more spherical (campfires, forges, torches) a box isn’t going to be the best solution.

Is there a way to create something that can be attached as a component where I can choose the shape of the collision component or will I need separate ones?


You could use C++ Actor or Actor BP and then add components to the instance in the scene.
There is an event called something like: “OnActorCollision” which get any collision event that hits the Actor itself :slight_smile:

Hi and thanks for responding. In the end, I gave up with the idea of being able to choose the shapes although I’d still like to think it’s possible and chose a BoxComponent which gave me an almost blank header and cpp file which I was able to add the necessary functions, bindings with AddDynamic and properties I needed which all populated perfectly when I added it as a component to one of my actors.

No probs!
Getting the correct collisions and setup is always tricky! :slight_smile: