[Help! - Need Tutorial] Air Traffic Controller Mechanics

I was hoping if someone could like to me something I could read upon in regards to air traffic controllers and game mechanics? If this fails, I guess I’ll need to read the FAA docs :S

What do you mean by air traffic controllers and game mechanics? My dad was a controller, my grandfather worked in an ATC Center, and I’m a licensed skydiver. You’re looking to learn more about air traffic to make a game on the subject?

Basically, yes. For example, how planes are routed, various systems to identify everything; the mechanics of it in a broad view. I don’t need super-specific details, as it isn’t a real-life simulation, but enough detail that I could get something similar.

I don’t know a whole lot about it. But I do know there is a difference between the airspace around airports and where the jets fly once they are at altitude. The controllers at the airport are different from the ones at the FAA ATC Centers. It’s all very complex. You’d probably want to read books about it. Airspace class (United States) - Wikipedia


The fastest way to get a handle on this, just in order to model it out, is to watch / read a few Crash case studies.
Mentioned ‘Mayday’ in a PM (don’t know if you got it) but its a great way to shortcut or simplify all the complexity!
For Routing: Airline / Pilot files a flight plane: covering heading / altitude / layover / fuel-cargo (after Takeoff-Taxi).
Taxiing: Tower sees flight plan and issues radio instructions with path to runway etc (Pilots work off airport charts).