help need to open ue4 project

hello i was working on a game project using ue4, i change the default location at the first time when i had made it (the location is g:\ue4_projects).

my computer crashed (the motherboard died) i replaced it with a new one and i have made a clean install for windows and all the software.

now i’m installing the new ue4 4.18 and i don’t see my projects in the launcher library, i know that this is because the projects aren’t in the default ue4 project folder; my question is simple, what i need to do to let the launcher knows where are my ue4_projects folder?

thanks in advance for the help.

p.s.: sorry for the newbie question.

It’s not necessarily going to show projects in the launcher, you might need to just browse for the project

got it. thank you @darthviper107