Help- Need to know how to make mountains

Hello, I’m fairly new to all of this and i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to make mountains. I’ve looked all over the internet an couldn’t really find anything.Thanks!

Well there is a couple ways of accomplishing this. One of them being very easy, and the rest not so much.

  1. There is I believe pre-made mountain assets that are used in ARK built in to the Dev Kit. You could always recycle those unless you have a very specific style in mind. If want something specific or custom, then it’s going to be a much larger task.

  2. This would be the third easiest option so to speak, which is using 3D modeling (I would suggest zBrush, but its very expensive, so instead, Sculptris (ZBrushCoreMini :: 3D For All ZBrushCoreMini :: Free Your Creativity) which is the free version) software to model out a custom mountain. This is vastly harder than the first or third option if you have no previous experience & will require you to texture everything as well, along with paint it with materials.

  3. Import any free Mountain 3D assets/models you can find online that you like, and have at it. This will be the second easiest route to take, but will still require possibly some texturing work, etc depending on the quality of the asset.

  4. If you are willing to drop some money into assets, then you could always grab some mountain assets off of the UE4 marketplace and import them in for use in your mod :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Sinari

Thanks! Now how would i import the mountains i have mad into the Ark Dev Kit?

No problem!

How you do this all depends on where it was made and what formats you have available in the software to export it in. UE4 only accepts certain formats, so please keep this in mind. The most widely accepted file format for this is .fbx, so export it in this if this is an option. Once you have it exported in the correct format, then you will need to import it via the Content Browser in the Dev Kit using the Import button. If you import it via .fbx and it has textures & materials assigned to it then those (should be) automatically assigned on import meaning you won’t have to re-reference it!

  • Sinari

I made it on sculptris and i saved it but its a SC1 file. What should i do.

There you go, enjoy! Fyi, all the info you will need for this endeavor can be found on the Sculptris forums/zBrush forums & via UE’s documentation :smiley:

  • Sinari

You can use a height map and or models or just use the sculpt tool and some effort to create what you want. :smiley:

Sinari forgot to mention this one :stuck_out_tongue:

You could do it this way, but just keep in mind it will NOT be a static mesh, meaning once its placed you won’t be able to move it.