Help need some people to help me with my script?

i have the plot but i need people to help me out this is kinda my first time setting this kinda thing up and i only have the plot done.
if anyone can help me please add me on Skype at matthew.armstrong15

Hi Takuto, it’s best to either show of footage or if you only have a plot, then try to communicate your ideas as best as possible. Based on your post, it is hard to help you, when it is unclear what exactly you need help with. Maybe you meant that you are looking for a team and would liek to share input with other interested people.

There is also a forum for joining or advertising your project,

You could also post in the general forum if you want to ask for general advise on how to proceed.

Imho, there is no straight way, and i would suggest to start with looking at the Library projects you will find in the launcher, and to follow various gameplay tutorials.

Good luck