{help} need info on how to start a map, not a level map but a UI map.

good afternoon,

I have a map of my town, i would like to use a MAP for my level, a map as in you are here kinda thing, using umg, as im sure its required, and using either c++ or
BP, I have height maps and level set up the size i want, its tiled using as near to 1-1 as i can get, im not much for math but im great at eyeballing things lol. but the focus
i would like is a map showing the location, something like in ark but with out the little mine craft style map, something ui related would be my goal. I have recently been learning
c++ and think this would be a great exercise with it. if c++ would not be a good place to go from im comfortable using blueprints, i know there is a map system akin to fallout 4’s system but i want something that i can plug in some google map images or some open street map images from, and use the xy points to get my location in game and display a dot or arrow on the map in the UI, thank you for any help in advanced.