[Help]Need help creating a copy/reference of the crossbow.

Hello Everyone,
I am the author of the Research and Development mod.
I am having trouble with the crossbow. I have created it as a child using ‘create child’ on the creation BP and I have copied the crossbow BPs with its animation blueprints updating all the references in my mod to use the copies but whenever one is created in the game it is spawned as a plain bow the weapon template is ‘WeapCrossbow’. I have checked and rechecked the BPs everything seems to point to the crossbow but it simply will not spawn correctly. I have created all the lower level weapons up to this point with not problem using the ‘create child’ of the creation BP. Anyone have any insight as to what is wrong?
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Hello Everyone,
What is the proper way to create a modified copy of the crossbow is a simplified question?
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Hey Tom,

It appears as if you are doing things correctly to me unless I’m missing something.

Quick question;

Are you sure you have remapped everything the crossbow uses? It’s very strange that it would spawn in a completely different item aka the regular bow in your situation, and that leaves me quite baffled.

Just to clarify, it doesn’t even spawn in at all as a crossbow? I’ve seen a few situations to where the ammo template had not been remapped and it caused slightly similar behavior

Thank you for the reply!

When I did the copies I did make a copy of the ammo template and then referenced it in the then renamed copy of the copied crossbow. If you where trying to make a new crossbow which files would you copy and would you make any of the files children for inheritance?
Note - the original description was of 2 different methods I tried: the first was just making a child of the creation blue print the one with the crafting materials and stats that I use on every other item up to this point. The second was copying many of the crossbow files the mesh, object blue prints, creation blue print, animation blue prints, and ammo template.

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Personally, I generally go with duplication of all the main assets for weapons (PrimalItem_, EngramItem_, Weap_), which is essentially what you did, except you just made children in the one method which should work the same. You shouldn’t need to grab the animations and what not as well for the weapon unless you are modifying that as well, at least in my experience I haven’t needed to.

So, to clarify, is it still spawning in as a regular old bow? (if so, this is the part that is really throwing me off, as I’ve never actually seen a case to where it will spawn as a completely different item like that)

Just opened up my ADK and
Yes, it spawns a plain bow. I made the copies progressively first, just the PrimalItem_weapcrossbow and ammotemplate got a bow, them mesh got a bow, then animation TPV and FPV got a bow, finally included crossbowarrow got a bow hence my post I ran out of files and good ideas. May be I will delete all and try again maybe I missed something along the way. I was pretty sure I did not need to copy all the animations and such. Note the only file that is edited other than linking the copies is the weaponcrossbow for stats.
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No problem Tom,

I’m pretty stumped at this point myself as you’ve done everything I would have and then some. I’d say try redoing it again, if that doesn’t work please PM me and let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you very much again for taking you time to try and help me. I deleted and replaced the files I must have missed something I now have the crossbow spawning in however it will not take regular ammo so I have an ammo template problem. I will say the logic in the weapon design is kind of baffling though one would think logically pawn->weapon->ammo not pawn->ammo->weapon but it’s not my game. I will try to work it out at least I have the right weapon now.
Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.

Ok next problem…I have tried and tried to get my copied crossbow to shot regular stone arrows but have had not luck I can put my copied arrow in my crafting station and make those work but, I really do not want to make people use ‘special’ ammo for all of my gear. Is there any way to make a copied weapon use a regular ammo template?

Well, I went through a browsing of steamwork and did not find 1 custom weapon without the included ammo to go with it this spells dome for my mod. My mod allows you to increase your gear though research and development(see link at bottom) allowing up to 4 tiers of progressively better gear. Up to the point of the crossbow it all works flawlessly. Even with my break through of fixing my crossbow and allowing the manufacture of new ammo to go with it then the “oh S***” moment. I found outthose won’t work form tier to tier. So the mod is at a stand still I’m even considering pulling it all together form the workshop to try to find something that can be done with the kit. I hate to leave the 5k aggravated subscribers hanging I feel bad but I’m not sure whatelse I can do for them. 4 different ammos for each weapon because of the way this thing is put together is not a solution. I would appreciate any technical feedback on how to make copied weapons and use regular ammo or a procedure to subclass the main object to use regular ammo to not break the temptlates that would be great.

Research and Development Mod

So what are you saying ?

You have a different quality of crossbow and all types of them using different type of ammo ?

No, I resolved that problem by referencing my copied weapcrossbow and ammo template for both stone and topor arrows in all 4 ‘tiers’. The irritating part is having to make special ammo(requiring an engram) to go with my gear I would like to use regular ammo. I intended to do every weapon in the game and this is going to be tons of extra engrams even if free.

Was there a fix to this issue? Because i’m having the same issue of it spawning in regular bow in testmap. And i have double checked everything and everything is linked fine for me. This is the 2nd time i’ve re done it as well and still spawning in regular bow. I notice that the guy that posted this initial topic seemed to of fixed it…? But didn’t actually post what the problem was… So other ppl with this same issue have no idea the fix. Can anyone please help?

If you have an ammo that works on multiple weapons and when you use that ammo it gives you something other than what it is supposed to, it’s because the element in “Support Dag Onto Item Classes” does not match up to the element with the same index # in “Ammo Support Drag Onto weapon Classes”
For example, in the following image:


Lets pretend that elements 3 & 4 in “Ammo Support Drag Onto weapon Classes” were switched. If I dragged the ammo onto “PrimalItem_WeaponEE3”, I would get “WeapHanSoloBlasterLow” not “WeapEE3_Low” because element 3 in “Support Dag Onto Item Classes” will produce whatever is listed as element 3 in “Ammo Support Drag Onto weapon Classes”
The item needs to match the weapon - Make sense?