Help Need* Error with workflow with Visual Studio after Unity install

engine version 4.10.4

Hey all,

So I had unreal installed and everything was going fine.

Then I installed Unity and that seemed to install Visual Studio as well… I thought nothing of this at the time…

Then I finally decoded to get back in to Unreal and do the Quick Start tutorial but came across an error. Basically Visual Studio does not seem to be connected with Unreal. This is what I observed.


I’m still fairly new to all this so I may be missing some other observation or key details.

I uninstalled Unity. this did not help. I tried to install Visual Studio and Unreal but there is no clear description anywhere on how to do that - lol!

So my question is, how do I get my Unreal Engine working with Visual Studio again?

Thank you in advance

Epic guys faced similar problem in their livestream, maybe this will help: