[HELP] Ned Help by Chainging stats of Organic Polymere

Hello Guys,

I’m just trying to make a stack mod for my server. I edited every thing as i want it to and set it in the Material tree or with the engrams. But for Organic Polymere I don’t know where i have to change something that it thakes my edited file. So please helpe me i’m searching here for houres, Thank You

Your Faithfully


Ps.: Sorry for bad englisch i’m german :o

Perhaps this thread, which redirects to more information in this thread could be of use to you. I had a similar problem when learning how to edit items; I wasn’t aware of adding a Remapping of the item in the mod’s PrimalGameData.

I have every thing edit how i want that it is stack able, but the organic polymere don’t have a class or something in the PrimalGameData and i don’t know where i have to edit something in the PrimalGamedata that it takes my edit file of the Organic Polymere

When you create new content that is meant to replace core assets of the game, you have to explicitly tell your mod’s PrimalGameData that you want to use those newly created assets in lieu of the original ones. This is accomplished by “remapping” the original Blueprint/Engram/NPC/what-have-you to those new assets.

Thanks to @spezz for the screenshot they left in a similar thread I started.

Open PrimalGameData, and filter for options named “remap”:


Click the ‘+’ button and fill out the ‘From’ and ‘To’ field with the appropriate assets. ‘From’ the old, ‘To’ the new.

Hope this helps!