Help, My project just vanished?

I had a game I have been working for a while now just disappear,
its been replaced by the table and chair map, all my assets are still there but how do i get my map back? I tried to open level, not there. All i did was turn off motion blur/restart it

Is there a way to get it back??? Ive been working on this all by myself for a long week now and I really don’t want to lose all my stuff

I exported it right before it did this, can i recover my project through that?

check to see if the map is in the content folder , it shoudl be “nameofmap”.umap , if not maybe try putting it in there and seeing if it opens when you open your level in unreal.

Thank you so much, I swear i checked every where for that but mustve failed to see :slight_smile:

Thank you again

no problem