Help! My OPEN LEVEL is sending me to the default map

so my “open level” is working with PLAY but when i LAUNCH the game, some of my teleporter are sending me to the default map.
this is the reason:

it is not because of my teleporter i know that now after deleting an entire map, content by content, untill there was literary nothing left. but just for the sake of it heres the picture:

i want to repeat, just so there are no confusions. teleporter is ok, the map is (was) ok and its working in PLAY MODE.

SO WHYYYY! how can fix this? after alomost a week, my nerves are blank and ive already postet a question to this. 6 days ago. teleport is different between play and launch - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums

please some one help me. maybe with a different teleport system that will bypass that stuff.

no one???


just a dumb question: Do you have a level called: “level_005”?

In the first picture you have a level called “level_002”

Have you tested the teleporter with other maps than “level_005”? Just to make shure that the teleporter is working…

yes i have. i have mutible teleporter and i have multible level.
as i have said, is all working fine when i press PLAY.

but in standalone its not. it just send me to the default map

I think there are some settings concerning the packaging process. I am not familiar what the standalone does concerning packaging, but there is something in the project settings that handles the packaging of all the levels. I stumbled accross that one time, but I don’t know where exactly it was and if this could help you.
Maybe you checkout the packaging stuff in the project settings.