[Help] My HUD is always on 0 and don't know how to fix it and take fall damage?

I followed this tutorial first of all:

First tutorial to bind the progress bar and font

Second tutorial to do simple fall damage

However in the video he uses a interger whereas I changed it to a float, so I can copy the fall damage guide.

Here are my blueprints:

What my HUD is like currently

Progress Bar

Text Bar

What’s the default value of Player Health? Make sure that’s what you want it to be. Also, if you divide that by 100 you might be causing yourself some issues. Check your math and maybe change to an Int to keep it simple.

lol I guess it reset when i changed it to a float.

I have the 100 back. but some reason am not taking any damage? do you know how i can fix it pls

I have now changed Player health back to Interger from Float and still not working

What it looks like now


Any Idea?

End Air Time is not connected so none of that first screen is doing anything. I’d start there. :slight_smile: