[Help] my character is not moving

my character was moving and after doing the level design and importing some models and doing something then tried playing and hes just not moving and i checked my inputs and they are the same and when i look down he just gets morphed down what should i do?
my character is a third person character and the camera is inside his face but that was never the issue even moving the camera didnt fix it and i even moved him above the map and nothing and if it requires me to remove the person himself i dont have a problem as hes not even shown ingame

Do you have a player start in the level? If you dont, place one, if you do make sure it is placed away from any possible colliding objects.

show us some script or something. im assuming that your properly possessing the right character, so that would make it either a input issue or a script issue. how are you moving the character? i would guess with input axis and a add movement input. do you have any other actors using the same inputs? have you set the input mode to something like ui only? bottom line probably will need more info.

a few things to try though would be saving your project and restarting it (sometimes fixes bugged things). delete the character from the level and then place a new one (recompiles sometimes dont correctly affect in level actors as expected).

i did that but in an open place it just says bad size

Delete it and create a new one just in case, and make sure it is not inside any mesh’s collision. You can check collision by viewport top left corner where it says Lit > Player Collision.

i did the last 2 things that you said and nothing worked but i just found something when i get my character above the map he just flies and when i try to get close to the map theres something holding me back like an invisible wall

i did that and found in my kitchen some models extending trying to reach god so i removed them but now my character is flying with collision so i removed the player start location and added the thirdperson blueprint itself and now im flying and looking at myself

when i get my character above the map he just flies

no idea what your trying to say here. flies? how so?

theres something holding me back like an invisible wall

sounds like some bad collision for your meshes. do you have a large mesh in your level or one that has protrusions or is concave

i have tones that i had to decrease in size because blender loves me but that was never a problem