(Help) Music during pause

So I have everything set up for a pause menu, but I want to add some music when the game is paused. I tried add the node “play sound at location” but when paused it wouldn’t play, the sound would play when I click continue to resume the game. So obviously that’s not right. Haha. But does anyone know a way to make this happen?

Sorry I don’t have an immediate answer. I’m updating the engine right now - it should be rather simple. I’m going to take a look into it when It’s done, and I’ll report my findings back to you, if you haven’t had an answer yet.

Alright cool. Yea I haven’t figured it out yet.

Can anyone help me out? I finally got it so music plays when game is paused but now I can’t get it to stop when the game is NOT paused.

yo sup guys I had the same problem like you guys ive spend 50 hours of research my self in bp node
but i just found the way to put a dam music pause menu it extremly simple finaly lol

just loock at that pic Screenshot - c28b0d0932f836352ad0bfa71171792f - Gyazo

it should all fix yours
if u cant see the image ill descrybe it : in my event graph pause menu ive add ( Event Construct -> Spawn sound 2d ) that bring the music but for close the music i add in same widget (Event Destruct -> Fade out ) u onlly need to connect the return value from the spawn sound 2d to the target of the node fade out ! and there u go hahahaha

am mad at my self all that time wasted for only this **** lol

Cheers DPotato, nice simple solution.