Help! - multiple event checks

Hi all, I think I am just having a brain fart but I am struggling to get my head round the new UE4 blueprint system. To try and keep my explanation simple.

I have two flames and one door.
Both flames are an instance of a blueprint class which can be activated when the player presses E inside of the collision box.
After both flames have been ignited I would like the door to then be opened.

I cannot get my head around how to check that one blueprint class has been activated multiple times and to then check this for use in activating the door. In case it helps I have added the current state of the blueprint class for activating the flames.

If I am still making no sense, I am basically trying to remake my old UDK university project in UE4 to get back into using the Unreal engine. In my video , how would I replicate the first section using what I have?

Thanks in advance for any help. :smiley:

Here is a way to do : BpChair is the door, BpStatue is the fire with a box for overlap. all elements / variables are in their original values. Functions can be replaced by custom event and i set the event in character to add it to all events done by character. I supposed blueprints set in level so values of references are set in level blueprint. If they are spawn, you’ll have to set them on spawn to have it working.

Edit : I forgot to say that print string are in place of : lighting fire and opening door functions / custom events.

Thanks for your help, I have looked at your suggestion and it all makes sense.
I actually fixed this myself when I tried again this morning. For any who may come across this post later I figure I will add my approach as that may help too.

In the flame Class BP I added an event dispatcher, which is called when “E” is released, that’s the only change to the example I provided above.

Then in the level blueprint.

In the top left, the two “FlameTriggered” dispatch calls are checked and increment an integer value to check both have been switched on to then open the doors.