[HELP] Multiplayer Melee System in Blueprints

I have been searching online for quite a while for something that can walk me through this.

I am looking to develop a basic melee system for a blueprint, multiplayer game. Character has sword in handle, left clicks, it swings and damages another player if within range. I know most of the logic behind how such a system will work but getting it taken care of in blueprints is tripping me up. I don’t want to make the system based on overlap because changing variables like arc and distance will then rely on the size of the weapon. Rather something like

If player left clicks ->
Has melee equipped: true ->
If enemy player is X distance from in front of self ->
Trigger event hit for enemy player ->
Deal damage etc.

Thank you !

A quick way to do this would be to raycast (tracing in UE4) from the player whenever they attack. If the ray hits an actor you can then deal your damage there.
Have a look here, it should help get you started :slight_smile:

I’d actually like to avoid using ray tracing for my melee system. Is it possible to just have it so

There is a box in front of me, if I left click and another player is inside of that box then damage said player.

Additionally, I created a brand new project and setup a simple version of what I tried in my project. Same result. The box moves the player and actually registers an ‘On Hit’ sporadically.
I’ll show the problems I’m having at the moment, screenshots and video.

On left click:
Event hit:
Start Melee swing:
End Melee swing:
Component / mesh screens: ,

I’m also interested in implementing Sword Weapon System in First Person. I have yet to officially start, but, have been gathering ideas. I’ve reviewed several articles and videos for:Chilvary and Dark Messiah and Zeno Clash.

I’ve concluded I will repurpose the projectile system used for fire weapons,. It will work by rapidly firing smaller projectiles short distances - from the handle of the Sword when in motion. The analogy is a Slash or Blade Spark is a Round of Ammo, a Blade is a Particle Beam. In fact, from a engine-perspective, a Sword is a Fireweapon with different set of animations and triggering.

I’ve seen other use the Ray Cast method successfully. It offers improved collision detection fidelity during motion of the blade. I’m certain shape components could also be useful in certain situations. However, I’m not sure you’re saving yourself work using them. What happens when one or more enemies are in the same box, 1 in front, 1 behind?