[Help] Multiplayer Client Can Not Posses Properly. Host Can.

I have spent nearly the last two months trying to find the answer online and by myself. I need help, badly.

This youtube video shows the problem I am having. When the Host travels to the new map it has no issues possessing its pawn. The non-host clients however are unable to possess their pawn properly; they have control of the PlayerController blueprint, the Pawn’s camera, and the spells available Pawn within the Pawn’s blueprint. Furthermore the non-host clients can not move the pawn in any direction; they are rooted in place. Only the camera can move on a horizontal plane unless they hold Right Click which then allows them to look in 360 until they let go of Right Click. The server player has zero of these issues.

When players initially join the server on the Lobby map they are able to move around as intended. Once travel is executed, the non-host clients are rooted in place.

:::::::::::GAME MODE::::::::::::

::::::PLAYER CONTROLLER:::::::::::::

:::::::::::::GAME MODE::::::::::::::::::::::

Game Build Log from Non-Host Client:

[2017.09.25-15.54.55:853][814]LogWorld: SeamlessTravel to: /Game/Maps/OCT18
[2017.09.25-15.54.55:858][814]LogScript:Warning: Attempted to access Dreadnought_FirstPersonCharacter_C_0 via property First Person Character, but Dreadnought_FirstPersonCharacter_C_0 is pending kill
HUD_C /Engine/Transient.GameEngine_0:GameInfoInstance_C_0.HUD_C_0
Function /Game/Player_Stuff/HUD.HUD_C:GetVisibility_0:001D


I discovered that my custom GameState was somehow causing the issue of clients being rooted at spawn. I changed the world game mode override to the default GameState class and now players are able to move around. The server is however not reporting to the clients which way it is pointing its gun (looking up/down/left/right) even though the clients are reporting gun pointing positions.

I do not understand why my custom GameState was hindering the non-host clients from moving around. My custom GameState was a child of Game State Base.

This morning I am out of time for further troubleshooting and exporting. I will create a new blueprint as a child of GameState, Not Game State Base, to see if it solves my problem.


Use GameState as the parent of a multiplayer GameState blueprint. Do not use Game State Base as the parent.

YOU ARE A LIFE SAVOR. I’ve been stuck with a similar problem for days without a working solution and this worked like a charm. Thank you very much for posting this fix.