[Help] Multilayered Materials from 3D Studio Max to Unreal

Hey everyone,

I am currently working with multi-layer material in 3DS Max. How would I go about applying them to my model correctly in 3D Studio Max then transferring them to unreal?
I am currently working on a space suit and character who is not very high poly…

Here is what I am doing -

I want to apply a glass material to the helmet
Standard Diffuse and Normal to the Suit
And last a Skin Material to the Head which is beneath the helmet.

How would I go about applying this in 3D Studio Max and having the changes persist across to Unreal 4?

Also - Would I need to break my character up into multiple parts to have the translucent material (Helmet) separate from the Suit?

Thank you for your time,


Dont bother setting up proper materials in Max. Give separate material ID’s to each part, create a multi/sub object material containing the same amount of materials you need and use standard materials for each slot, and apply it to the mesh. Then export and create each part’s material in the engine.

Thank you so much!

You have solved so many problems for me :smiley: