[help] move in specific direction

I have a char and barrel that pushed by char.

I found pitch of char from transform func. And i have direction vector, i got it from locations of char and barrel while Event hit.

Now i need to say to barrel start to move after hit.

I tried simpleMove, MovetoLocation, input movement etc. Nothing, barrel dosn’t want to move. I think i am missing something simple. :confused:

Do you setted the barrel mesh to movable?

While different tests i even succeed to move barrel, but it always moved to the same point.

Could you please post an image of your blueprint?

Yes, please

The MoveToLocationOrActor uses Pathfinding. Which only works in areas which have a navmesh.

Do you have a NavMesh Volume set up in your level?

Here is a video explaining it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n7nJ66I8qg

Hope it helps! Good luck!


I used this video in past in order to create dog follow the char. Will look it again maybe will be helpful.

Currently i use addMovementInput and look it works in some way, but sometimes the char start to jump, i saw in other topics that may be caused by physics or overlaping.