[Help] Modular Level Design

I’m trying to create the pieces for a modular level design of my level, and I’m stuck on how to unwrap/texture to make the shapes look good.
Currently what I have is:
(1) An L shape mesh which is made from 2 squares combined together
(2) A mid shape mesh which is simply a square
(3) PBR textures I got online of a

I know the basics of unwrapping so I can simply unwrap each mesh individually, but I’m not even sure what I want the end unwrapping layout
to look like, or how I would put the PBR texture in it. I tried to cut it, but I still couldn’t get it to look correctly.

Notes regarding the attached image:

  • You can see the 2 meshes together in blender with uv unwrapped and textures
  • The black line you see is simply because I need to move the texture it self one pixel to the left. Even without it though, you can see it doesn’t look like a one single wall
  • the picture on the left is the uv layout of the right shape, the square.

Basically. Anything with a line across or a separated UV will cause either artifacts in lightmass or issues down the line.

The more opportune solution is to cut modular pieces so as to have seams matching with corners.

So, it’s not 2 straight pieces that make an like L _ it’s more similar to |_
Make sense?

[USER=“3140864”]MostHost LA[/USER] Not really actually, sorry :S

To be clear, I started with simply square pieces, and to make L corner I simply attached 2 together.
I was told though, to make light works at the corner, it’s better to have a single L shape piece at the corner.

Then again, when I was told that, we were speaking about meshes with thickness, which currently I’m not using.
(1) Which one is better? a single L shape for the corner or simple squares to make the corner?
(2) Does it matter? if it’s with thickness or not?
(3) I’m not even sure about that; should I have my pieces with thickness, or duplicate the pieces and rotate to make space between them? Just to clarify, I do need “the thickness”, I can create it either in the mesh directly or by making 2 squares with 1 rotated facing each other though.

The L needs to be 2 pieces. | and _.
Then you can merge and unwrap with the corner marked as sharp and the proper split edges modifier plus smoot every face in edit mode.
The unwrap will have the line in the middle. That’s fine, as it is the corner.

wait are you talking about different axes then I am? that is, are you simply talking about a floor piece and a single wall piece?

I attached a picture to make things more clear.
When I said corner, I meant using Part 1 + Part 3.

If I understand you correctly, you were talking about using a single piece, like Option A, but by making Part 1 + Part 2 (or Part 3 + Part 2).
Is that it?

If so, can you repeat your last sentence with reference to specific parts?
“the corner marked as sharp” - which corner?
“proper split edges modifier” - What’s an edge split modifier?
“The unwrap will have the line in the middle” - when you say line you mean seam? and if so, what line are you talking about? between which parts?