[Help] Modeling Suggestions


Recently I got Unreal Engine 4 and while I’m perfectly fine and able to code in C++ and Blueprint, I still have no real world to work in. I got 3Ds Max and I have Blender, and looking for level detailing help I couldn’t find any. It’s possible I was looking in the wrong places. Anyways I really need help getting my hands into modeling worlds like the one in this video.

I was told I should model the terrain in a program and then brush over it with UE4’s terrain tool. That sounds like a good idea however there’s one thing I’m lacking in skill with and that’s structure. In that video for instance is a train wreck, a station, and these things I don’t know how to make without the proper guidance.

What I’m saying is, if anyone could link me to sites, tutorials, videos purely on modeling in 3Ds Max (Architecture and using Normal Maps) that would be great. I know UE4 has it’s own level editor but I don’t think it’s really meant to make the things I want to.

If anyone could please contribute to help me learn I would highly appreciate your help.

All you really need to do is some basic modelling tutorials