Help Modding Dragon Ball FighterZ

Hello Unreal Engine Community,

My name is Hyo-Sin and i have a question to ask.

so there are a ton of mods for this game already, but not the ones i want,
I’m in a discord group called “DBFZ Workshop”
and i asked a bit if its possible to mod a certain characters into another.

I wanted the “Vegeta Blue” into “Majin Vegeta”
and “Goku Blue” into “Ssj3” modded

i saw some similar mods for “normal goku/vegeta” but each had their own problems.
for example the modded version of “goku-ssj”, didn’t move his mouth
( also it was only a mod for the “original Ssj Goku” not the “blue” one )

the outlines for “MajinVegeta” mod where thicker and chunkier, then normal.
( for the “normal vegeta” and not “the blue one” again )

i rather want the original style to stay so it looks like the original game still.

after hearing that it might be possible with someone who knows how unreal engine works,
i was eager to ask here for help.

for more details i will respond here for any questions.