[Help] Modded Boulders are not craftable on Server...

Hey Guys,
I made a new Mod a month ago, with new Catapult and Boulder.

The Smithy and Catapult (in Smithy) are craftable on SP and Server, but the Boulder can´t be crafted in the Catapult on Server, it works only in SP…
I changed them now to be craftable in Player Inventory, but I want make it working like the original Boulder.

I have compared all the official with the modded Files, but I can´t find the Problem…

Would be nice if anyone can help me, what´s the Problem^^


When ingame, hold the use button and see if there are multiple inventories. This could be a case of that and you’re not crafting in the correct ‘modded’ inventory.

What do you mean?
The “E” Key?

Do you have a Screenshot?

You know how if you hold “E” on a campfire you have a radial wheel that pops up with “Put Out Fire”, “Access Inventory”, “Demolish”, etc? I think Skornedemon is suggest you hold “E” on your Catapault and see if there are any options besides “Access Inventory” and “Demolish”. Or if maybe the “Access Inventory” is showing twice?

There´s only 1 Inventory^^