[HELP] Mod on dedicated server spawns me in empty world instead of TheIsland...

Pretty strange situation.

So I made a mod called StackSizes_1k.

I remapped the resources and various items so they stack to 1000. Works Great… in the editor, singleplayer or non-dedicated host. But when I try to run the mod on my dedicated server, I spawn into the game world in a blank map, with no terrain or anything present.

In my cooked data i have a umap present, but it is just a blank map… is there some where Im supposed to tell my mod to load TheIsland?

Any thoughts? Anyone encounter this making non-map mods?

/// MY BAT file
start ShooterGameServer.exe -MapModID=498751460?GameModIds=498751460?QueryPort=27015?SessionName=“XXXXXXX”?MaxPlayers=64?listen?ServerPassword=XXXX?Password=XXXX? -nosteamclient -game -server -log

/// MY GameUserSettings



unless you have your own custom map, you don’t need the MapModID, you are spawning into your blank map that is supposed to direct the game to use your assets.

Ok… so i’d just fire this off with?

In short:

Thanks this helped. Also I changed my BAT file back to the “old” method after I re-cooked it with “TheIsland” in the force map load world setting. Looks to be working now, thanks!!

No problem