[Help] mixamo fuse mesh to unreal default skeleton

Hello I want to use Mixamo Fuse character mesh with the default epic skeleton. I correctly changed the name of the bones in the characters from Fuse and could import them into the editor with the epic default skeleton(UE4_ Mannequin_Skeleton).
However, the result is as below. Please tell me how to fix the issue. I’‘m using Blender to change the bones’ names and UE4 4.16. I don’'t want to retarget them for some reasons…
any tip will be really appreciated


Hi, there! I’m having the same issue. Have you found a solution for this?

I have a project with a lot done so far, and I am using the default epic skeleton for most of my characters. I would like to be able to import a lot of mixamo characters but use the same skeleton asset, even if that means rerigging all of them.