[Help]Missing GameMode file in GenericMod folder.

As the title states. Im following this tutorial, only 2 vids in and already an issue. Ark Dev Kit Tutorial: 2 - Setting up your kit to make a mod! - YouTube
I dont seem to have the third BP in the GenericMod folder. Could someone upload theirs so i can download it? or how can i get that third file back without reinstalling the dev kit. Any help is appriciated!

Just verify the DevKit through the Epic Launcher for missing files or files that you’ve unintentionally modified.

Note: Unless you’re actually building a new GameMode, you don’t need that file. Just click the little yellow arrow next to GameMode Override in the GameData file or click the drop-down and change it to TestGameMode.


That worked, thank you! I just verified and the file reappeared. Appreciate the help.