Help me with tonight's headache? (event dispatcher)

Alright, I need some input on this. I’ve tried recreating a setup I’ve done before (and that is working), but not having luck this time around. I need to play a matinee from within a blueprint. I have my event calling my event dispatcher:


Then, in my level blueprint, I add a default event for that event and play my matinee file:


It’s not playing. Testing with the blueprint open shows that the dispatcher is being called, but that event within the level blueprint isn’t firing. I’ve obviously missed step, but not sure what. Weird thing is: I have the exact same thing setup with another blueprint that’s been working fine, just can’t seem to replicate it.

Help! The my headache is increasing by the minute! :o

Your level blueprint event doesn’t know when to fire. You need to bind your PatioDoor01(patio_doors) event. In your level blueprint, on the EventBeginPlay, add a Bind PatioDoor01 node and connect it to PatioDoor01(patio_doors) by the little red box. If I understand your setup right, I think that should work.

That worked! Much appreciated.

It’s so odd. I never created a bind on my other event dispatcher (the one I’ve had working for a while now), and yet it is playing from the level blueprint no problem. It’s a mystery that will keep me awake tonight.