Help me with this mechanic

Hi so im completely new to unreal and blueprints but i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to go about this mechanic.

Im trying to make it so when the game starts, enemy ai will spawn randomly in four spawning ares. Upon spawning i want them to make there way over to the Target zone surrounding a house model, when they reach it i want them to randomly walk around but only within the Target zone. It may seem pretty basic to some of you but as i said im completely new.

As for spawning, it’s pretty easy. a) randomly select one of the areas (add them to an array first, and then use a [Random Int In Range] node to select one of them); b) select a random point in the selected area with a [Random Point In Bounding Box] node, adjust the height (so that the enemies would spawn standing on the ground), and that’s it.

As for walking and wandering, it’s more complicated. You need to research AI Behavior Trees a bit, if you want to do it efficiently. Theoretically, you can do it with blueprints only, but I suggest looking into AI Navigation and Behavior Trees. There are plenty of tutorials online on this topic.

Getting them to move to the center square and walking around in it is simple. You can just pick random locations within the square and have them try to walk to it, repeating the process every few seconds to make them walk around.

Something like this.

I spent a bit putting together an example map for you to take apart.
It’s just Third Person assets walking to and then roaming a center area… added the first person so you can shoot them.

The things relevant to what you asked are in the Monster and Scene blueprints.

You can download it here. [Nothing Vs Zombies][2]

Always going to be bugs. Sometimes they’ll still try to move after they die.
Doing this in the Monster blueprint fixes it.

Hope it is helpful.