Help me with player tags please!

Okay so im gonna type out what im trying to accomplish in full then what i have done and what i need help with.

So what i am trying to do is i have 3 teams lets say team 1 team 2 and team 3. I want to make a player tag above the player that only team 1 can see and that only appears above team 1’s head so they know that they are on a team together. I thought this would be a simple task but i have been trying for hours and have not got it!

So what i do have is the photo!

So basically what i need help with and id appreciate help with is getting it were the player tag only shows up above the players on team 1.

More Info.
I am storing the Player Team variable on both BaseCharacterPC and BP_BaseCharacter which is my parent for all my classes. I was just storing just on my BaseCharacterPC but i tried adding it to the character class as well to try and test certain things.
The team is also being set in the BaseCharacterPC.
I have a WB_PlayerTag which is what the picture is from.
Any help would be amazing thank you! :slight_smile: