Help me with my misconception of parenting

Apparently there’s something I just don’t quite understand, and I’d appreciate if one of you could hear my situation and tell me what I’m falling to understand.

My APlayerCharacter class (APawn) has a pointer to a custom component, PlayerCharacterInventory (AActor). On construction, I CreateDefaultSubobject and this seems to work fine.

My APlayerCharacterInventory class has 5 pointers to skeletal mesh components for headgear, arm gear, etc… On construction, I CreateDefaultSubobject.

My character blueprint, derived of course from APlayerCharacter appears to work great in the blueprint editor. It has spawned the inventory component, inventory component has spawned my gear slots, and my gear slots allow me to spawn my gear meshes correctly.

HOWEVER, when I test this in game, I find that my slots ALL spawn at (0,0,0) regardless of my player’s position.

What am I misunderstanding? Are my components not actually parented correctly? If so, why is it automatically offsetting? And if not, what am I confusing?