Help me with making a drift game

I have been looking for any kind of guidance on making the UE4 simple or advanced car do continuous drifts, I know the handbrake lets you do small drifts but I want to try to make a low poly drifting game where players can continuously drift.

Creating a continuous drift system for a car in Unreal Engine can be a bit complex, as it involves a combination of physics and gameplay logic. Here are a few general steps you can take to achieve this:

  • Adjust the car’s physics properties: In order to make the car drift continuously, you’ll need to adjust the car’s physics properties such as the suspension stiffness, tire grip, and center of mass. This can be done by modifying the physics assets associated with the car.
  • Create a drift input: You’ll need to create an input that will allow players to initiate a drift. This can be done by creating a custom input action in the project settings and binding it to a key or button.
  • Implement drift logic: You’ll need to create gameplay logic that will initiate a drift when the drift input is pressed. This logic should apply a force to the car in the opposite direction of the turn, which will cause the car to slide and drift.
  • Create a drift recovery system: To make the drift continuous, you’ll need to create a system that will allow the player to recover from the drift and continue drifting. This can be done by creating a recovery input that will allow players to regain control of the car.
  • Additional Tweaking: You can add more gameplay mechanics like boosting, drifting points, drifting angles, drifting gears, drifting smoke, and drifting sound effects.

It’s worth noting that creating a realistic and fun drifting experience will require a lot of fine-tuning and experimentation. You may need to iterate on the above steps multiple times to achieve the desired result.

Also, you can check the marketplace for drift assets or blueprints that can help you create such a project faster.


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