Help me understand export import regarding to keyframes.

I just wondner how it works.
I have an animation in blender with set keyframes and defined curve types. When i export them in fbx does it get “baked”? is it then 1 keyframe/second or 30 frame/second… how does it work?

related question: once I imported an animation and noticed that the keyframes were set for each second, but not exactly 1 second so it was slightly off which made it difficult to work with… Is there a program which can fix that? and an other software/script which could reduce the baked keyframes intro less keyframes+curves maybe?

Hope my questions make sense…

Havent used blender… but in maya you pick the Frames Per Second

EG 24 FPS film is standard I think.
So each 24 keyframes occur in a second.

In Unreal, it reads some export setting on the file to determine playback speed.

Looks like there may be a bug in Blender exporting this value:

You can override and use default 30fps with a checkbox in import settings.

You can also speed up and slow down the playback rate both on the asset details and during runtime.