Help me to understand characters skels please.

i’m having a REALLY bad experience with the character aniamtions.
I’ve downloaded a character from Marketplace, and the Animation Starter Pack.
I create a Animation Blueprint and theres no animations on the “ASsets Content” on the right panel of Animation BP. After that, i’ve tryed to follow a retargeting tutorial, but i don’t have the same items and options on my project…
Could anybody recommend a video tutorial for this case? (Every tutorial I’ve found imports characters with animations already on it… but i need apply the starter animations to my character, my Animation BP doesn’t show any animation to use )

Does your character use the Epic skeleton?

This tutorial, by Epic, retartgets a character to use the animations from two marketplace packs.

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Retargeting is only required if there is a difference in naming convention between master set of animations and the targeted skeletal rig and is not required when using the same base assets supplied from the Epic market place.

Since the Epic rig shares the same “matched” animations all that is needed in most cases is to change the reference of the rig targeted by the imported animations and since the animations needs a targeted rig one is usually supplied with the animation set.

I found the easy way is to just delete the referenced rig and when the delete dialogue comes up you just have to target the desired rig that you wish to use in the “replace reference with” on the bottom left and all the animations and blueprint references will be referenced to the replacement.

You can also replace the reference one at a time if you wish but in most cases it referred to as replace and not retarget.

Figure it would be easier to do a video