Help me to test my very alpha game :)

Hello everybody !
I’m not sure I post this in the right section o the forum. Sorry if I didn’t :slight_smile:

We are a very small team and we start working on a side scroller game.

One of us is our sound designer and works with Wwise.

I’ve build a package of our first version of the game for him (win64) but when he play it, he seams to have only 5 FPS.
On my PC, it runs perfectly at 120+ FPS but not on his PC.
I have a Nvidia GC and he has an AMD one… but his PC is much better than mine !

Here’s a link for downloading our little test :

Can you download it and help us identify what’s the problem ?
Have you the same problem with your spec ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Please provide specs for both pc’s. I’m not willing to open up a zip on my computer, sorry.

His spec :
Windows 7 édition Familiale Premium SP1 64 bits
Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.80GHz
RAM : 8Go
AMD Radeon HD 5450

Mine :
win 8.1 64
Intel core i5 4690 @3.50Ghz
Ram : 24 Go
Geforce GTX 960

He made another test with a package of just the third person base level and has the same problem.
It’s a good news for our project because the problem doesn’t come from our work but the problem still the same

GG for the greenlight ! I voted for you a month ago :slight_smile:


The problem is his computer is under-powered for your project.

His CPU is a low end i7, the GPU is a very low budget card and is probably not up to scratch when it comes to UE4 projects.

Your setup is much more powerful than his, so, it’s understandable that you are getting good FPS.

My only snippet of advice would be; do you really need full 3D models as background detail? Can you not render them out as images and use that instead? If not, you will need to optimise your meshes and bake all the details into a normal map.

Best of luck with your project.



Hey Jo, your PC is much better than his because he has an “old” PC.



Anyway, your project is OK…120 FPS here :o

Of course !
When we speak on phone, I just heard i7 and forget that there was multiple generations of i7 :slight_smile:

Thanks for the test ^^

Hey , I’m the one working with Jo and having this lag issue.

When 9 run Unreal in the editor, it works great, but when I make a build (or receive a build for JoGoiA), then I get the problem. Hope this helps…