help me! plugin engine version problem

I did not speak English well, so I used Google Translator.

I made the plugin myself.

I downloaded the 4.14 version of the engine source and made it.

After building the plug-in I created

Plugin folder
C: \ Program Files \ Epic Games \ UE_4.14 \ Engine \ Plugins \ Runtime
I copied it here.

Then run the 4.14.3 version of the engine
A message stating that the plug-in version is different from the engine version is displayed and the engine does not open

Below is the contents of the plugin file.

“FileVersion” : 1,

"FriendlyName" : "Treadmill Input Plugin",
"Version" : 1,
"VersionName" : "1.0",
"CreatedBy" : "Samwooim",
"CreatedByURL" : "",
"EngineVersion" : "4.14.0",
"Description" : "Allows you to add support for a custom input device.",
"Category" : "Input Devices",
"EnabledByDefault" : true,

“Name”: “TreadmillInputPlugin”,
“Type”: “Runtime”,
“WhitelistPlatforms”: “Win64”, “Win32” ]
“CanContainContent” : true

How can I solve this problem?

플러그인 소스코드 있으면 4.14.3로 다시 컴파일 해야 되는 데…

두개 다 해봣습니다
4.14.0으로 해보고 4.14.3으로도 해보고요
그래도 플러그인하고 엔진하고 버전이 다르다고 뜨네요ㅠ

i mean, you should open the plugin project with visual studio and recompile it.


“EngineVersion” : “4.14.0”, // I changed this part and built and tested it.

4.14.0 and build it up (I think it will not be recognized because it is a lower version …)
I built it into 4.14.3 and reported it.
I can not do it anymore.