Help me please

Hi Unreal Engine Users
First this is my configuration :
I7 6700 2.60
Geforce Gtx 960m 2g
16g ram

I am beginner in UE4 version 4.12.5 and i am blocked in a stape between 3dsmax 2016 and UE4 4.12.5 :
I am using TS_Tools for export my scene to UE4 but when i use the Tstools Cpy-Paste, UE4 paste just an axis XYZ whitout objects !!


Each object in the details panel on the bottom right has no static mesh. In the dropdown where it currently says “none,” can you replace the meshes that aren’t showing?

Change your setting in step 1 to “Export selected objects to FBX Files”

Hi Xerafel thank you for answer , this is my steps export :

1- steam roller for UVWS
2 - I Use " Export selected objects to FBX Files " in first time to export my objects
3 - I import the FBX object in UE4 but the objects are not in the good position, i clean just in world outliner in UE 4 and return in 3dsmax
4 - In 3dsmax I choose " copy selected object transforms and names to clipboard " after this " export selected object "
5 - I paste in UE4 and i have an empty scene.

Hi SBiegun_PDG thank you for answer , a use your proposition and its working thank you , but my objects change position , look my attached img.


thank you

You shouldn’t have to do all those steps. Check “Export selected objects to FBX Files” like Xerafel said, then un-check “Move each object to 0,0,0”.