Help me. Play Animation Sequence Node is not working properly. What's the matter?

As you can see above, in AnimGraph I try to play a animation sequence.

The CharacterRef is referencing the instance that is attached with this animationBP

And the CharacterRef get some data including weapon animations.
EquppedWeaponData is an DataAsset that is derived by UDataAsset.

So, I wanna play the animation sequence in the data asset through “Play Animation Sequence” Node.

But it doesn’t work well. The animation is not played. It is always fixed at frame 0.

I already clarified the “Idle Anim Pose” is setted well at the runtime.
And I also clarified that “Play Animation Sequence” Node is well played when I put some animation sequence directly.

Only when I try to play some animations through the data asset, It never work properly.

It makes me almost crazy. Help me plz.