Help me plass [inventory system]

i need to do inventory system i follow this

i can pick up item but have 2 problem

1.notshow icon item in inventory when i pick up item

  1. when i choose [Class - none] i can pickup and show in inventory but i when i choose [Class -Potion] idont sure i tem pick up or not but not show in in ventory in youtube choose [Class -Item_Rock] it work

(suffer this problem inventory sytem 2week sry for many question. im not progamer )

The only advice I can give is when I was following a tutorial and it didn’t work out right I would very slowly go over it again to double check my work to make sure I had followed it exactly as presented.

It might be easier to help you if you provided a picture of the code that handles the pickup.

Is the blueprint [Class Item_potion] a copy of or child of the [Class Item_Rock]?

i am not quite sure where is the problem in my code can you could you please check the code for me?
i following a tutorial step by step but not work i not sure problem from version?

Will connecting the Success pin form the “add to stack” node to the success pin on the “output” node make a difference?

I can’t seem to find anything wrong with that blueprint without seeing all the rest of the code associated with it.

That being said.

Error and bug hunting is an essential skill that will help you out in most situations in UE4. Try adding a “Print String” node directly after each branch, True or false check, any choice or Success/Fail check involving the “Pickup Code”. Be precise in the text on the “Print String”. You should be able to use that information to find out exactly where your code is failing. If that doesn’t narrow it down enough to solve the bug you could try adding some “Is Valid” checks on the variables involved when they are called to see if there is valid information being transferred and accessed. Once you narrow down the problem some I might be able to help more.

There are also some very helpful videos and tutorials out there on bug and error tracking that people with more experience then me have posted. Search “UE4 Find bugs” , “UE4 Bug Tracking” or something similar on Youtube or whatever search engine you use.