Help me learning C++ in UE4

Hello everyone
I am 17 years old ,live in germany and have minor experience in Java through school and learned the basics of C++ like diffrent kinds of variables, loops and if conditiions.
But now that i am trying to code in UE4, I am kind of overwelmed by the huge mass off UE4´s exclusive functions. So I searched the internett for diffrent tutorials and copyed exactly what they where doing and most times i did understand the sence behind the code I was writing. But they never worked if compiled them, even though in the tutorial it was completly fine.

So if you could send me a list of the most usefull UE4 functions and what they do , or tell me what i might do wrong that would be really nice.

Here is an example which confused me allot :

This is what was written and demonstrated to work in the tutorial:

FVector.Z += int wert *20

My code first compiled after I changed it into this :

FVector.Z = FVector.Z + int wert *20

It is basicly the same , but just the second would work for me even if the tutorial said diffrent, but this is just one example of simple code not working on my computer while the same code seems to be working perfectly for peopole in the internett. So plz Help.

FVector.Z = FVector.Z + int wert *20 ==> FVector.Z = FVector.Z + (int) wert *20;

While the initial look of the Unreal code can be overwhelming, you just have to think that the majority of it is just general C++ that you will see everywhere (if you ignore the UCLASS/UPROPERTY macros for now).

While having a basic understanding of conditionals and loops will help, I think the main thing to udnerstand the C++ for Unreal is polymorphism (inheritence). A lot of the code is build on UObject classes and then they all stem down into AActors or UComponents. Understanding that most of the code you work on or the blueprints are basically just children of these classes helps, as you get a lot of basic functionality with the base classes. Actors have Roots and positions in the world and you can se these positions e.c.t.

Simple logic such as “MyVector.Z += SomeValue * 20;” is just general C++ and you could create console programs with visual studio to check these things out.

I’m assuming the tutorial was trying to get something to continually move upwards in the world?