help me learn and lets make a wrestling no the best wrestling game

i need help some please help me with modeling and animations show me how and if you want we can mak a great wrestling game with better physics like if a move is close to the ropes turnbuckle barricade or anything in that nature that the person will get hung or fly over the ring/barricade and not an animation just a great ragdoll effect but with a damage factor depending on how the opponent falls is hurt they’ll be and how close you are to the ropes detemines if they fall on the 1st, 2nd’ or 3rd rope/turnbuckle or out the ring and doing a finish from any position like if some one is on the top rope you should be able to do a sweet chin or a super man punch any finsher at that wwe is full of surprises and the game should be to. backstage was good need more freedom in it tho and more freedom how you use weapons. AND NO MORE INVISIBLE WALLS. create mode should be just that create finisher should com back better instead they should have it were you pick a move like a full move and cut the piece of the move u want and pic another move the and put it with the first piece. omgs shouldnt exist like i said wwe is full of surprises we should be able to anything basically the gameplay should come from physics and excitement and take that reversal limit off also more of the collision like in day of reckoning but more realistic as i said im willing to learn

Ohh I am also interested to learn that)