Help me fix the swing :)

Hey guys i made this video to explain my problem :b i hope you guys have a quick fix. also if you dont want to see the blueprint, go to the middle of the video

(since none of the other questions i’ve asked on here has never been answerd)

I’m at work so cannot play the audio in the video…some kind of written description might help, perhaps post some screen shots of your set-up too.

Here you go dude :slight_smile: the problem cant be explained tho. it’s quite easily seen if you go to the last part of the video :slight_smile:

Thanks, it does appear to mostly work, any idea when it stops working, I mean is it when you rotate in a particular direction etc…
What is the purpose of the cube that goes crazy, I only see it when it breaks so I would first investigate that?

Also, have you tried tweaking any of the constraint parameters? (i.e. setting twist to ‘free’) etc…

Finally, try enabling sub stepping if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the tips i will try this right away :slight_smile:

Enabled sub stepping, sadly it didint do much :slight_smile:

I’ve tried setting the contraints to different settings :slight_smile: and it’s set to free on all right now.

It mostly happends if i try to turn around while swinning, but it happends anyway just not as much

Also i used the first person template, would it be worth making my own?

It also seems like it’s turning around the pivot of the box when it’s spazzing out