Help me find a new name for my indie team

Hello Guys!
So in short, i need some help in finding a name for my indie team. Our previous name was “MoonAttic” but i really dont like it.
So the name could mean nothing but just sound cool. It could be everything. Thank you!

Names are always tough because people have different preferences. A tip I have learned that is used for designing company logos is to think about how you want your company to be perceived. I’m guessing that’s applicable for names too. How do you see your team? What kind of impression are you trying to make? What kind of games are you trying to make? Are they more on the serious-side or more casual (whacky, comical, etc)? From those questions, come up with a list of words which you feel relates to your team or vision and you will then have a better idea of potential names to use. A good example is the name Epic Games, it gives a perception of high or out-of-this-world quality. Anyway, that’s just my advice though there’s really no correct way in picking out names at the end of the day.


It’s your new name. Embrace it!