Help me complete my VR Gun project (Rigging and Animation)

Looking for someone who can take 4 gun models, and put joints in them so the magazine, slide etc all move seperately.

This is a paid job! There will likely only be a few hours of work required. The models are already seperated, they just the skeleton added to them.

If you also understand animation, I can offer extra work for creating reload, recoil animations etc :slight_smile:

You’ll need the following to apply:
Experience Rigging in Maya
Good knowledge of Animation Blueprints and Animation in UE4

If you want to apply for this, please contact me on Alternatively, you can add “reubenkun” on skype.

You’ll also get credit for your work over on my YouTube, where thousands of people will see the video, so also a good chance to spread your name :slight_smile:

If you are ever in a pinch, we’ve got some weapons that are ready for use in VR and are animated and rigged to boot! If you find yourself in need of a custom weapon, we’re always ready to create something unique. Cheers!