Help me clean this up - multiple buttons controlling screen

Ok, this is my first foray into UE and I’ve created some kiosk style areas where you have several buttons that play different videos on a screen and do some other things to 3d objects. I have a question and a problem. The problem is that some videos play in a loop and some stop after one play, irrespective of what I set in the media asset. The question is whether there’s a better/more efficient way of doing an interface of this sort (I’m pretty much positive there is). Thanks, and although I didn’t find it elsewhere on here if you do know of a thread that covers it a link is great too. Thanks!

Off the bat I could suggest making a “switch on string” instead of testing each string for ==
And you might consider collapsing all that “set material” stuff into a function or macro and passing it the parameters as inputs. That would certainly reduce the size of your graph at least.

Thanks much for the input, I will make those changes! Anyone have any ideas on the videos? They don’t seem to care whether I have “Looping” checked or not. Does it depend on the video encoding format itself?