Help me: Accessed None trying to read

I’m not sure but try using isValid in the branch instead.

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Thanks, sorry for my english. It helped partly, there is no error, but a new problem arose. What was the idea of opening and closing the widget by clicking on one button, now it works, but it only works once. Opened - closed, then nothing happens.

If I understand right, you have 2 widget BPs. One contains the button that is used to bring up a menu for example and the other contains the menu itself and you want to connect between them right?
If so, I’ll try to replicate what you’re trying to do and keep you updated.

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You understand correctly. The main task is to implement the opening and closing of this widget when you click on one button, I will be very grateful if you help me figure it out.

I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you want but here is an example:


This is the code that is in the Button Widget:

You check if the Menu Widget is valid (existing or not), if not then we create it, set the variable to it and then add it to the viewport. If it does exist, we remove it from the parent (it’s like DestroyActor for actors) and then we set the variable with no input, it’s like if we are emptying it.

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YES, that’s what I need, thanks bro.
That was the problem.)
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