[Help] Material for Archviz


I learned a lot about how to lighting the scene for past few months, you guys are amazing! :smiley:

I improved my skill in this field a lot, but still cant get result as good as many people had shown. Then I look for solution, and relize that not only the lighting, but the material is also a very important part that I have ignored. So now when I want to learn about that, it turned out that there are not many good enough material-for-archviz tutorial.

For example, there are many tutorials about how to create a basic fabric material, but there are no (or at least, I can’t find a good one) tutorial about how to make a realistic velvet material. Or many problem when I export the model from 3dsmax to Unreal and then I have no idea how to replicate the material from this one to another. Sometimes it isnt that simple to just create a metallic material then apply, I have to modify the model’s UVs many times for it to fit the texture, there a so many models from architecture’s library that have a weird UVs map. And so on,…

So could you teach me how to create these amazing realistic materials, or where I can learn how to create them? Or can you share how you made them? Or how can I import a model from an 3dsmax architecture model to Unreal fluently, which is usually have problem with the UVs (not the 2nd UVs for lighting, I think 3dsmax can handle it, but the 1st UVs for texture/normal is alway the disaster to me, for example, they are alway go out of the range).

Thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:

You will find here and there some free materials… But in my opinion you will need to purchase some good stuff.
I personally work a lot with Substance Designer and Painter, they offer alreday a large and good looking number of materials for free.
You can also create your own textures with Substnace Designer or simply download materials from users through Substnace share service.

Otherwise you can puchase some photoscanned textures from the marketplace like the real surfaces packs…
You can find good wood textures here Arroway Textures – Professional Textures
Textures.com has also a very large database for a very low price but the textures are not PBR ready…
evermotion.org offers sometoimes good and free materials

The last step would be to create your own textures by photogrammetry… You can find some good tutorials from epic here on the site…


Everything on this site is 100% free!!!

I’ve never used Substance Designer. How would one import a material from that site to unreal?
seems like a great gem

first, you install the free substance plugin (it’s somewhere in the launcher)


After that you simply import the substance file (extension is .sbsar) in unreal like any other file. :slight_smile: You’ll get these files for each material. The substance graph instance opens up the window that allow you to dynamically tweak the material. Some substances are procedural so you have lots of options!!!


thanks a lot

@Adik: Thank you Adik, there are many good textures on the arroway site, however the price is a little high for a student like me :p. I also tried all unreal tutorial and material sample, and google before asking but it’s not enough. And thank you for your tip about make my own texture, I made a few textures but they look so weird, maybe lacking of experiences :confused:.

@heartlessphil: Thanks for your share :D. Checked the website, there are so many high quality material :). Subtance is strong, and Im looking for its tutorial :o.

Anyway, when I want to import a mesh from architecture library to my project, they are always have a UV set like this. It’s OK when I render in 3dsmax but every go wrong when I want to create that material in Unreal, how can I fix it?

Im thinking about collect all the questions and answers into the #1 post so many people who face the same problem with me can easily fix it :).

It’s probably your lightmaps! how do you make them…? yourself in max or you let unreal generate them for you?

Textures uv don’t need to be contained in that o,1 space, but lightmaps do!!! Make sure you have a 2nd uv channel properly unwrapped on all your objects (in max).

Sorry Heart for the late reply, Im sick for last few days and doctor told me to stay away from my desktop :(. I understand what you said but when I try to add some material on object, many details of the texture cant show on the object. They are missing, and I thinking it is because of out-space UV set. If not, where I was wrong?