Help Marketing Games for Children??

I make games for children, and I have no idea how to market them…I have a game up on Kickstarter but its not doing well because, well children don’t use kickstarter (shameless plug-> https://www.kickstarter/projects/70576849/fantastic-journeys).

Most social media is aimed at older players, and things like Kickstarter and twitter are ruled by games with big boobed anime girls and crazy violence(I’d never let my kids even look at most of that stuff…)

So I thought I’d make thread about how to get your games for younger players out there in the public eye, and what your working on.

How have you fared with your games for a younger audiences?
Have any good ideas?

Not all childrens games have to be edu-tainment, Its up to us programmers to make creative games for the upcoming generation, and UE4 is the perfect vehicle!

Please show off your work!

It’s really difficult to promote games to kids, because mostly they watch TV, read books, play with their smartphones. Some thoughts :slight_smile: ->

-TV ads (pretty expensive)
-ads in other apps
-go to the kids (school,…) and promote your game during a presentation about a topic (game development)

You should have drummed up search interest before you began the Kickstarter. You definitely have a cart before the horse situation going on here. The Kickstarter sphere for games is far more limited than it use to be and your project isn’t attached to any big names who have created interest merely by previous work. Thus how would anyone know about you let alone care about you? You needed a cross-platform social media campaign prior to Kickstarter to ensure your success.

I have 2 kids age 3 and 5 and I can honestly say I am not going to kickstart a game on their behalf anytime soon. By the time they even find out what kickstart is and could nag me to fund something, the game would have to also convince me that it is worth the investment.

The only way you are going to drag the parents into this is to have some kind of educational or “life experience” hook. Even then, there is so much free stuff out there that we don’t have time to get to, your product would have to be truly exceptional.

I don’t think there is any kind of marketing you can do for your game, especially at this point, that would help you out.

In the future though, your best bet is to think of the parental hooks you need to design into the game, use those hooks as advertising bullet points, and then find those parents groups, organizations, etc and advertise to them.

Alternatively, you could go the Angry Birds route. Those kinds of games practically advertise themselves.