Help! Map dissapeared from Project


While I was building the static lighting, I had a bluescreen. (The 5th today).
After reboot and reopening the project, my level map has disappeared from the content browser.
The file itself is still in the folder, but I cant access it from within the editor.


I already tried deleting the Intermediate and saved folders, but the map keeps missing in the CB.

Any idea how I can recover my 150+ working hours map?



This time, I didnt have any crash, just normally closed and reopened theditor…


When I saved the map, it was there, visible in the content browser.
On next startup, it was gone from the CB, but still there as a file…

Any idea why this is happening? :confused:

PS: This is the third time now that I have to restart the project from scratch due to losing maps this way… :frowning:

Hi KVogler,

Please post this to the answerhub in the bug reports section so we can take an in depth look.

Of course :slight_smile:

AnswerHub reference: