Help! male player character in ARk Dev kit is messed up

I didn’t purposely change anything about the player characters. But when I start up the test my player character has no FPS arms and doesn’t respond to punch commands. In the personal inventory UI, I see no man. But I can see a man in K mode. If I kill myself, with a rocket launcher(which does show my arms) and respawn as a women the character acts and works normally.

I don’t know what to do. It does this no matter what mod I load or don’t load. If I uninstall the dev kit will I lose my mod work? I already tried verify files with Epic and it reinstalled some stuff but it is still not working right.

Ok, I uninstalled ArkDevkit completely and reinstalled it. This fixed the player character problem thankfully. But new problem happened, was how to get my mods to know their steam ID. So here is what I did to fix that:

First before I uninstalled:
I had copied all my mods folders to a backup location before uninstalling. Because it does delete all your files…

After reinstalling ARK devkit, I copied the mod folders and contents back under the mods folder in the devkit.

But none of the mods knew their steam ID. They were going to cook with all new steam IDs. Not what I wanted!

So, I found the mods.db file and used note ++ to edit it. It shows all the mod folder names but the metadata was blank. So if I tried to cook the mods it will create new steam ids…which I tried with a test mod. Instead, with the devkit completely closed I edited the mods.db file to update the mod metadata with the old steam ID and saved. Then restart ark devkit and it will think the mod is the same “old” mod and cooks and uploads to the mod I already had in steam.

Basically, I’m good to go now. But was scared for a bit that my work was lost. I just wanted to post this in case someone else has the same weird problem or has to reinstall for another reason.

Experts out there feel free to correct/change if I stated something wrong. I appreciate the help. I spent hours trying to get my mods to upload correct again.

I forgot to say where the mods.db file was located.
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Saved

Also, it would have been easier if I had backed up this file before uninstalling the devkit. So if you need to uninstall and reinstall the devkit, copy your mod folders and contents and make a copy of the mods.db file.