Help Making Retro Style 3D Animations (NOT skeletal based - > Frame based)

In old 2D games certain sprites would be called for each segment of an animation.
I would like to do this for a 3D model I am working on that will require a very low poly count model for each animation - effectively making it look like a 3D “Sprite”

What I understand is there is a Vertex Animation tool - but it seems like it can only be used to repeat the same animation over and over - and not be called to create a variety of animations such as run, jump, attack, crouch…

And Flipbook Animations are strictly 2D, right?

Anyone have any idea of how I could accomplish this?

Thanks for your time!

If you really don’t want do it with bones, you could make several morph targets and animate them…

But in fact, I don’t get exactly what you want to do…
Could you post a picture of your model for us to figure how to animate it ?

From what I understand, it’s not a technique problem you have but more an interpolation one.
You want that the model had several poses and play them without interpolate between them, right ?
Something like a 5 fps animation ? Like they did in the Lego movie, some sort of fake stop motion ?

Just like this:
A unique model for each “frame” of the animation."

All I can find are people using the Vertex Animation Tool to melt meshes - not animating a character for run, strafe, shoot, etc…

Here is my model in the idle pose:

It can be done, but the more parts you need to animate the more complex it becomes. I’ve done some basic ‘minecraft’ characters (ISMs) using this brilliant write up : Wait. What? - Minecraft Modeling, Animation - Part 2 of x

Simply Dont.

Bones are faster than Morph Targets.